OneWill guides you through a step by step process to help you draft your Will in less than 15 minutes.

Tell us about you, your partner and children

Create your OneWill account by answering a few simple questions about yourself.

Tell us if you are single, married or in a de facto relationship and include your partner in your will. If you have children under 18 years of age, you should appoint a guardian to care for them in the event you and your partner pass away.

Tell us about you, your partner and children

A fundamental step in draft a legally binding Will is nominating your Executors. An executor is the person or persons you nominate to carry out your wishes after you are gone.

Being an executor carries with it huge responsibilities and nominating one should not be taken lightly.

Leave any gifts

Nominate any property that you wish to gift to a person or entity. For example, leaving a gift to a charity is an opportunity to continue to support a cause that you supported in your lifetime.

Tell us about your fur babies

Like your human children, it is important to nominat a guardian for your fur babies.

Distribute the rest of your estate

A Residual Beneficiary is a Person or Charity that will benefit from the remainder of your estate after all gifts have been assigned. Consider dividing the remainder of your estate amongst you family, friends and charities.

Your final wishes

Let us know any final wishs including a list of your Funeral Arrangements, Organ Donation, Instructions, Message, or other wishes.

You can attached a video message for your spouse, children, grandchildren or anyone else or leave instructions for your Executors on how to manage your estate.

Download, print and sign your Will

Once you are ready you can either nominate to have one of our lawyers review your will before your print your will and follow our easy signing instructions to make your will lgally binding.

You must store the physical copy of your will in a secure yet accessible place however you can rest assure that your estate plans are stored securely on the OneWill platform.

Maintain your estate plans

Remember that an important part of having comprehensive estate plans is to maintain them. OneWill makes is simple to update your will as required.

OneWill is Australia's most advanced will & estate planning service.

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