OneWill's mission is to help you leave your fingerprint on the universe. OneWill ensures that you can plan for today, take care of your loved ones tomorrow, and are forever affectionately remembered by those who matter.

Vision Statement

Making sure that all of one’s affairs are in order, in a single place and readily available is one of the greatest gift that a person can leave loved ones once they are gone. Yet a large proportion of us avoid making a Will.

We all have different reasons for this. Death is a sensitive unavoidable subject easily avoided especially when it means dealing with intimidating lawyers and their fees. Others turn to Will Kits which lawyers love because they are confusing, often leading to legal disputes and litigation.

The concept of a written Will has been around since Ancient Greece in much the same way as it is now with the Roman laws having considerable influence on today’s Will legislation.

Academics and governments often talk about the need for law to keep up with technological advances and in an increasingly digital world this area of law offers a unique opportunity for a new venture.

Quick Description

OneWill is an estate planning application that is readily available via the web or on any mobile device. OneWill, at its core, offers users with the ability to organise their estate in an easily accessible and intuitive platform.

OneWill appeals to the needs for all of us to have our affairs in order but OneWill is more than just a Will.

Technological advances allow for an enhanced secure experience including, but not limited to, sharing your Will with family and friends, knowing your net worth based on the market valuation of you assets, image gallery for easier identification of assets, and video and audio messaging to ensure that your wishes and instructions are clear. You can also schedule date or milestone triggered messages for loved ones.

OneWill is your digital-self forever living on in the cloud.

OneWill is Australia's most advanced will & estate planning service.

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Disclaimer: OneWill is an application that allows you to create your own will and other estate planning coverage. OneWill is not a law firm and does not offer legal, financial, taxation or other advice. Please seek legal advice from a law firm if you are unsure whether our estate planning solutions are suitable for your personal circumstances.

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