How OneWill beats a traditional Will Lawyer and makes Digital Estate Planning simple

At OneWill, we’ve focused on the needs of normal people making Wills and Estate Planning in the 21st Century.

Web2.0 and the dawn of social media sent ripples through society and every aspect of our lives. What may not be obvious is these digital technologies – and the volume of our lives that we pour into them – has impacts on our future Estates.

Digital Estate Planning is the process of planning for the management and distribution of your Digital Assets prior to your death. Your Digital Estate includes everything of value you own that exists in digital form, for example cryptocurrency, social media accounts, digital wallets, and any kind of content stored online. Unfortunately, you can’t just rock up to any Estate Planning Attorney’s office and expect them to have the knowledge and expertise to handle your Digital Estate Planning properly. It’s an emerging field that deals with emerging technologies, and one that rapidly changes, sometimes on an hourly basis. Your average lawyer doesn’t have the time or resources to stay constantly up to date with it all.

That’s where OneWill comes in. Not only are we Digital Estate Planning experts, we’ve developed simple steps and walkthroughs in our web or mobile application to make Digital Estate Planning easy.

Traditional Estate Planning and Digital Assets

For centuries, if you wanted to draft a Will or develop an Estate Plan, you would make an appointment with a lawyer who would take your instructions in person. The lawyer records everything on paper, it’s signed with a pen, and filed in a secure filing cabinet or safe.

When dealing with “real” and tangible assets, this approach works and has done so for a long time. Where it breaks down is in the virtual world of Digital Assets.

It’s never been a good idea to store secure encryption keys, 2FA backup codes, or digital wallet addresses on paper. Instead of hard copy photos in a photo album, we have virtual mountains of high-resolution images stored in digital form. We don’t keep diaries or journals; we post to social media instead. And most of our monetary wealth never exists in physical form.

Digital Estate Planning and the OneWill solution

The OneWill solution has been designed to meet the unique challenges of Estate Planning in the digital age. Our web or mobile app gives you the ability to protect and store your digital assets, including being able to list digital credentials, logins, backup codes, and more. And end-to-end encryption ensures it is safe and secure 24 hours a day.

Digital Estate Planning is a rapidly evolving area and requires effort to stay up-to-date with developments. This is OneWill’s bread and butter; our solution is made for Digital Estate Planning from the ground up and is designed to change and grow along with your Digital Estate Planning needs.

Stay up to date with Digital Estate Planning

The OneWill app represents our singular focus on creating the best Digital Estate Planning solution in the world. We’re an Australian company but we have global dreams, so if you want to keep up with all the changes along with us, subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media for all the news you need.

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